1. Stephen,
    I think you definitely excelled in this project in many ways. I really enjoy how you captured the distinct movement of the animals, especially the camel. Having the legs in the position you put them made it feel less static and made the camel come alive to the viewer. I also enjoy your use of color throughout your illustrations, both within the animals and as ties to the set as a whole. One thing I would look at working on is the faces of the animals. I know this is a tall task, but adding or moving around elements in the facial area of your animals could make them even more distinct and beautiful. Overall amazing job!

  2. I really love your use of space when designing your animals. It really adds to the uniqueness of your creatures and shows a different perspective. The way in which you placed your animals on the page and delivered information about them also looks very clean and adds to the cohesiveness of your animal collection. My favorite animal in your collection is your camel because of how lively it looks and your placement of the C to form the camel’s hump. Your use of color also adds to the appearance of each animal as well. One thing you can work on is decreasing the space between some of the letters so the letters form together a little nicer.

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