1. Hey Andi! I love that you chose to interpret the assignment in a cool way and do animals from Looney Tunes! My favorite one is Daffy. I know some people had some trouble distinguishing his body parts, but I saw the sassy posture right away, since it was so in-character. I like that you didn’t just pose them standing straight forward. It took me a little bit to make out Bugs’ face, but I understood that the outline of the face was supposed to be inferred, like in Taz’s face. Overall, I really enjoyed the concept and also think you executed it really well!

  2. Way to go for picking a more difficult concept, I think it ended up holding together really well. It’s most successful with Wile, and least with Road Runner for me. Wile is really well defined, and Helvetica ended up being a great typeface to work with for his lanky body. Road Runner’s face is a little hard to distinguish, and I am not sure how well it would translate if it wasn’t part of this group. I might have picked a different typeface if it weren’t for the tail, which looks really nice.

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