1. This timeline is so unique and different, I would have never thought to design it this way! I really enjoy the tree design that you used as a background for the poster, and I am still able to read the text so that makes the timeline easy to follow and read! You took the design a step further by adding the tree aspect to it but I would love to see what the timeline would look like if you only had the tree in brown and used other colors for the text, boxes, and lines. I feel that it would help give some vibrancy to the poster. Maybe some greens or yellows? Great job overall though!!

  2. What an unexpected and creative yet completely logical and appropriate concept. Of course trees! Why didn’t we think of that before? I do wish you had run with it even further, though. Why not use the notion of tree rings, which is a literal indicator of time? Obviously you wouldn’t make thousand of rings, just like many of your classmates didn’t make their timelines to scale. I find that the current marriage of type and image is problematic, causing busyness, clutter and readability/legibility issues. The illustration and text just compete too much. I’m also not convinced the typeface choices complement the rustic and organic style of the illustration. … If you pursue the tree ring idea, you likely would need to downsize the illo and perhaps reorient the page. You also might consider showing only part of the tree trunk, which would allow easier and cleaner access to the rings in order to position the text elements.

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