Advice to New Designers

Hi guys! This class was definitely a lot of work and very time consuming but in the end, your hard work and efforts really show. Looking back at your final projects and seeing all that you have accomplished by the end of the semester is always an amazing feeling.

Something I definitely encourage is time management. Deadlines sneak up on you in this class. Trust me, procrastination is a flaw of mine. I know starting things early is usually not the way students go about things but it really does make life way less stressful. Also, leaving time to meet with Claudia to go over your work is so helpful and will guide you in the right direction. As much as your opinion matters, Claudia’s opinion matters more ;)

Each time a new project was assigned, I immediately had ideas of what I wanted to create and wanted to jump right into things. However, I also had other classes and assignments that I would get caught up in and end up holding off on starting the project. When you begin getting ideas, write them down and sketch them out so you have something to look back on later.

Remember that these are your designs and showing your own style and creativity is so important! Have fun with these projects and good luck!


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