Advice for VIS 317

Here are three things to keep in mind while starting VIS 317 with professor Strong:

  1. Go for it! You won’t believe the work that you can create. If you set your mind to it and really push further, past good enough, you can achieve amazing things in this class. I know that for myself this was huge.
  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Everyone in your class shares the same passion, so don’t be afraid to ask for their opinion on somethings. Two or three sets of eyes are always better than one. Also, the relationships you build in this class will go a long way as you will have many more classes with your current classmates.
  3. Take a break! Working for hours on hours on the same thing can be mentally and creatively exhausting. Get up and walk away for a while to let your head reset. For myself, whenever I felt I was in a block and wasting my time I took a break and did something else to later return. Not only with this help the ideas flow, but it will also relieve some of the in-the-moment stress.

Good luck! This class is amazing and I know you’ll love it!


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