Advice for VIS 317

Hey aspiring designers,

Welcome to VIS 317 Typographic Design! Taking this course is a good opportunity to build your portfolio. Here’re my three tips for you and hopefully they will be helpful when you start the journey.

Advice #1: Don’t be afraid to start over. There are chances to create something better. Starting over takes time but you can find yourself obtain more experience. And more importantly, you can design something you can be proud of.

Advice #2: Collect your design inspiration. I look for inspiration when I have no idea what to do with my project and I can always find something useful. You can definitely learn a lot from other good designs.

Advice #3: Practice your presentation. It’s important for a graphic designer to articulate your design thinking. I can see my progress throughout the course. Be prepared before you present to the class as a professional graphic designer.

Good luck with everything this semester!

Junyu :)


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