Advice for VIS 317

Helllloooooo new design friends!

Welcome to VIS 317, probably one of the most time consuming, but also rewarding classes you will take here at Syracuse. Throughout the semester I learned a lot about both myself and design, and here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully be helpful for you when starting this class. :)

Start your assignments early — I don’t know how many times people told me to do this and I never did, BUT ACTUALLY DO IT!!! So many times other school work will get in the way and you will find yourself having little time to design, so start projects early or schedule a time to work on them so you don’t have to pull an all-nighter before one is due!

Design with intention — this is probably the most important thing I learned this semester. Make sure that when you are handing in a project you can rationalize and defend why you did/placed every single detail on a page.

Get to know your classmates — there are a lot of presentations in this class, so if you are not too comfortable standing up in front of strangers you should definitely try to get to know them! Also, these people will be in your classes for the rest of college and have great feedback/advice to share.

You may find yourself frustrated at points in this class, but remember everyone is here to help you become a better designer and grow. Good luck and please send me your designs, I cannot wait to see what you guys make!

Lauren :)


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