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  1. I really liked your thoughts here and how you did a series with all the Finding Nemo characters- it’s so cute! I thought your Angelfish and your Sea Turtle were the most successful. You can tell exactly what they are when looking at them. The fonts you chose also do an excellent job of representing the animal’s features. The Nemo is recognizable, but I think that it helps the other two are there, otherwise I’m not sure I’d know it’s a Clownfish. His face is really nice, but changing the typeface and moving around the letters a bit might make the image stronger. The other thing I will say is, as a whole, the designs don’t really go together design-wise. I think they work as a series because they are the movie characters, but if you wanted to focus more on type, I would think about using typefaces that relate a bit more. But overall I think it’s super creative and very pleasing to look at – great job!

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