1. Hey John! I love just about everything about your stamps. I really love the typeface, it’s different but it is very reminiscent of New York. I also love the detail of the heart that brings to mind the iconic “I <3 NYC". I also really enjoy the symbols you chose, I think they're all so emblematic of New York and instantly recognizable. I really appreciate your attention to detail in these stamps, and I think you did such an awesome job executing them. They feel super cohesive and are so aesthetically pleasing!

  2. John!! You totally killed it. Being from New York I was also thinking of doing something similar that honored NY and although I chose not to I think that you executed this really well. For one, I love the colors that you chose, and I know that Professor Strong mentioned this in class, but I love the way you took little things that represented NY and chose to honor them. I do however think that the Brownstone buildings, although representative of NY in someway, could also be representative of any city. Maybe you could change this brownstone to street signs, like Jordan mentioned, or maybe the a bridge or a landscape view of the Hudson? I’m trying to think of little things that represent NY, like maybe a statue inside Central Park? I’m definitely open to chat if you want to brainstorm some ideas. Overall though, I love these and I think the usage of Didot, although can be completely overused in some cases, really fits well with this idea.

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