1. I love these so much! I love how you went with a hand-drawn effect since it feels more natural especially for your concept. I think it’s so great that you thought about the order of your stamps by putting them from bee to the product they end up making. It really tells a story and draws me into your stamps. I loved the muted color scheme you chose as well, I think it really matches the delicacy of bees. The only thing I would suggest is maybe changing the color of “forever usa” since the color used fights with the background colors. That could be a problem when it comes to printing.

  2. Grace, these stamps are adorable! The hand drawn quality is beautiful and fits your concept well. I especially love how you played with space on the first stamp, the one wing of the bee helps to guide the viewer’s eye across to the “Forever USA” text. The honeycomb pattern also fills up space very well. Have you considered placing the illustrations on the other two stamps on the left and having them partially cut off, similar to the way the bee is? Or even portrait orienting them? The white space surrounding them creates a bit of visual tension.

  3. First and foremost I love that you chose to do your stamps horizontally. I didn’t even think about that when creating my stamps and I appreciate that you took the initiative to do this. I also love how simple, yet very intricate and beautiful they are. Plus, the color scheme is so appropriate and works really well. The series gives off a very calm and collected vibe. I do think however that the beehive stamp is a bit off putting. I remember that Professor Strong made a comment about this in class, but now that I’m looking at your series again as whole I definetly agree that it doesn’t really resemble a beehive. I think that the idea to include a beehive is very logical but I think it would be best if you tried to redesign the way that you created the beehive. Overall though I really love the personal connection that this has to you and how it’s also a serious issue around the country that many people gloss over, so by creating this series you’re bringing awareness to this issue which is very respectable.

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