1. I really enjoyed the awesome illustrations included in the timeline as it aided to the aesthetic. The composite sizing and use of space is interesting. Something I found difficult was readability based on the idea that the spaces between some of the time periods were too small. Other than that the swift lines led my eye from one year to the next very seamlessly.

  2. Kevin,
    Your poster does an amazing job of making me feel like I am in the actual time period. Everything has a rustic and faded feel to it. The dimensionality created is really fun and adds to my experience as an observer. Your timeline is easy to follow because of the simplicity of the idea behind it. (I almost feel as if I’m following a map!). I would look into making your text more readable. I feel as if it may be too small. The design itself does not need any changing in my opinion.

    Overall, you did an awesome job at creating a poster that is easy to follow, present relevant and useful information and makes me feel like it came from the actual time period. Great job Kevin.

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