1 Credit Course!!

Hey guys! Please comment on this post and let me know what you wanted involved with the criteria of the class. Includes: how many days a week the class meets, for how long, how would we be tested on the material, would there be a focus on one of the programs or all of the programs, etc. Yay graphic design!


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  1. 1 Day per week for however long it takes to make it a one credit class. We could be tested by doing in-class activities designed to help us learn the ins and outs of the programs (like how we do in-class activities in our type class). We could also have a test at the end to see what we remember of what we learned how to do (not sure what format that might take). The class could also be a place to come with any questions pertaining to how to do something specific for a project we are working on in a different class, or just general questions. I think this class would really help us all out a lot to really know each major program in depth and would make all of our work look so much more professional.

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